Whether you are renting a cabin on Lake Tyler or spending a family day at Lake Palestine, we have boats for you and your crew! Enjoy top of the line ski boats and pontoons. We keep our fleet up to date and do not skimp on any of the goodies.  Please see a few of things that set us apart from other rental companies.
  • Who we are

    Safe Swim Platforms

    Unlike most ski boats, our ski boats are jet propulsion which means that there is no outboard motor with sharp blades that you or your kids could hurt yourself on.  

    You will also notice the speed and agility on these jet propulsion boats that you will not see in traditional ski boats.
  • Why Choose us

    Articulating Keel (Rudder)

    The only complaint with jet propulsion boats in the past was maneuverability at very low or very high speeds.  That problem is solved with Yamaha's 2017 model that has added articulating keel (rudder) to give you the benefits of maneuverability of a traditional ski boat but the safety and acceleration of a jet propulsion boat. 

    Our entire fleet has been upgraded so that you get the best of both worlds.
  • Cars for any style and budget

    Tower for Water Sports

    Any wakeboarder, skier, or kneeboarder will tell you that a tower on your boat makes getting out of the water so much easier not to mention better control once you are up.

    All of our boats come with a tower so that you can enjoy all of your water sports to the max!